Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC dominates Bethlehem Steel

Nashville SC overcame adverse conditions to beat Bethlehem Steel on the road Sunday. See GIFs from the action here.

bradleyfoul.2019-06-13 13_06_24
OK, maybe Gary Smith was onto something when he said the ref only gave a yellow because he thought it was probably a dive.
chambers.2019-06-13 13_08_50
v. good strike, and the initial runs off-ball made NSC think the first taker was going to hit it.
fontana.2019-06-13 13_27_47
Not a soccer play at all. Sort of embarrassing.
kimurahacked.2019-06-13 13_58_07
TV analyst spent several minutes talking about how there “wasn’t much in” this kick that flips a player 180 vertical degrees and could have broken his neck.
kosukefouled.2019-06-13 13_22_12
lagrassayellow.2019-06-13 13_20_33
Also yellow-carded.
lancastersaved.2019-06-13 13_48_52
Lancaster was close a couple times, in addition to his goal.
langoalster.2019-06-13 13_53_50
Speaking of his goal.
lebooverhead.2019-06-13 13_18_18
But did you remember the earlier attempted overhead strike? (This one from Lebo Moloto).
papagoal.2019-06-13 13_39_36
Love the dude holding him onside being the one to throw the arm up and stop playing. (The assistant referee explained as much to Bethlehem captain James Chambers, who believed it no questions asked, by the way).
papavolley.2019-06-13 13_41_29
There’s a lot behind this volley, and it drew a very nice save.
reedjusthigh.2019-06-13 13_35_09
The shooting accuracy isn’t always there, but when Michael Reed gets one on frame, it’s gonna be a golazo.
ropapafoul.2019-06-13 13_03_49
Live I had thought this was a potential penalty. The broadcast makes it pretty clear Ropapa was the aggressor (as the official called it).
ropapatech.2019-06-13 13_15_41
Nice dribbling technique from Ropapa. Still wish he had a left.
tribbetgoal.2019-06-13 13_11_53
Tribbett via the head.
tribbettfoulkeep.2019-06-13 13_02_13
Tribbett almost gets on the end of this cross. Makes sure the goalie (nice catch from the ground, by the way) is OK after knocking him over.
replays.2019-06-12 14_09_52
This, to me, is a good team goal.
sparr.2019-06-13 13_56_15
Connor Sparrow reel No. 1
sparrowanglesave.2019-06-13 13_24_49
Connor Sparrow reel No. 2
sparrowstopscutback.2019-06-13 13_46_58
Connor Sparrow reel No. 3
farissaved.2019-06-13 13_44_08
Connor Sparrow reel No. 4. Easy not to realize in a game that could have been 6-0 that the keeper probably prevented it from being 3-3. 


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