Nashville SC

The GIFening: Indy Eleven 0-0 Nashville SC

Welcome to the GIFening! Your eyes didn’t deceive you: the Indy Eleven game was about as boring as they come. I still managed to find a few entertaining clips.

ayozeface.2019-06-02 18_57_44
Not in the faaaaaaaaace
ropapacross.2019-06-02 16_50_10
pickenssavex2.2019-06-02 16_55_23
Right in the bread basket for Pickens. A regular T.Y. Hilton, he is.
niceplaystuckerswarmed.2019-06-02 16_58_18
A nice pass from Ropapa, and a mediocre touch from Hume allows the 7(!) defenders who were always behind the ball to recover
liamfksecondview.2019-06-02 17_00_52
Doyle’s free kick was actually pretty close. The camera work… was not great (though I do have to give a shoutout to Indy’s local crew: this was one of the better-produced USL games)
liamdime-ropapanoleftforfilm.2019-06-02 17_04_46
Absolute dime from Doyle, and Mensah has a bit of a chance. 
lebochippas.2019-06-02 17_07_31
Vision and execution come together for Moloto (hopefully that happens more consistently going forward), but a heavy touch from Hume prevents him from getting much on the shot. Also Ouimette fouled the living shit out of him.
Derrick Jones is so, so strong on the ball.
jonesscissorsropapaoutofposition.2019-06-02 18_51_39
A passing sequence leads to a LaGrassa shot (see today’s earlier post for a bit of a breakdown of it).
jonesnicepass-useropapaforfilm.2019-06-02 17_09_35
Great dribble from Jones, and a dime to Mensah. Probably should have included this one in the post earlier today as well, TBQH.
jonesfk.2019-06-02 18_53_21
Jones’s free kick was not particularly close, but if he’d wrapped his foot around it just a bit more, it could have bent in.
bradleyhand.2019-06-02 18_59_29
I saw nothing.
indyweirddance.2019-06-02 18_56_14
Bro, I dunno.

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