Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC falls to Tampa Bay Rowdies

Hey, two days is not enough time for a full game package! I’ll have more from Tampa Bay tomorrow along with some of the usual postgame content from Swope Park. Bear with me on a very congested schedule here.

belmarheader.2019-05-11 10_00_49
So close for Belmar
belmarmiss.2019-05-11 12_32_34
Less close for Belmar
Belmarpen.2019-05-11 12_14_11
Live, I thought this was a good no-call. With VAR, it’s a penalty (keeper gets no ball, plays the attacker’s body)
belmartech.2019-05-11 12_50_11
Your weekly Kharlton Belmar burn reel
bradleyfouled.2019-05-11 10_06_38
Obvious dive into a scissorkick… free kick to the Rowdies.
hilariousnofoul.2019-05-11 12_18_57
Not only was this not a yellow card, it wasn’t even a foul. Throw-in Rowdies.
hilariousyellow.2019-05-11 12_16_40
Meanwhile, this was a yellow card. Our boy Guido Gonzales Jr. was profoundly over his head reffing at this level.
kingtech.2019-05-11 12_28_23
Beautiful technique from King.
This is a red card every. single. time. The incapable center official played advantage, and didn’t even come back and give the Rowdies player a talking-to. A PRO suspension would be warranted here (though I doubt they pay enough attention to USL for that).
pickens woop.2019-05-11 12_55_37
Nice WHOOP move from Matt Pickens.
riosheader.2019-05-11 13_02_59
Ríos can’t quite tuck it in the back post (and this was a tougher header than I remembered)
One of NSC’s three shots on goal.
sequencetomolotoshot.2019-05-11 12_52_43
Nice central build-up play, the Moloto strike has good pace but isn’t placed in either corner.
TBRgoal.2019-05-11 12_08_59
Tampa Bay goal
Verily, we were all doing The Kharlton on that day.
washfoul.2019-05-11 12_03_40
The foul that led to the Tampa goal was legit.
washingtondive.2019-05-11 10_22_32
Tampa learned early that they could get calls with obvious dives, and there was no competency from the center official to handle it.
washingtonmajorfoul.2019-05-11 12_34_59
Washington got his freakin’ money’s worth on this one, though.
This probably should have been a foul on Washington, no call (again, Gonzales wasn’t biased in anyway, just utterly incapable of executing the duties of his position).

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