Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 2-0 Memphis 901 FC

What is better than a bunch of images or videos? A bunch of GIFs! Relive Saturday’s Nashville SC victory here, and be sure to vote for your favorite at the bottom.

backheelbomb.2019-04-15 16_18_23
Reed backheels Ríos for a long opportunity
belmarfouled.2019-04-15 16_19_36
Yeah… the leg-raise at the end makes it a red for me.
belmartech1.2019-04-15 16_25_26
Your weekly Belmar burn reel
humeheader.2019-04-15 15_32_48
Hume header saved
humepen.2019-04-15 15_10_59
¿Era penal?
humetech.2019-04-15 15_19_29
Big bird spin cycle
jdchance.2019-04-15 16_25_09
Justin Davis just high
jdslide.2019-04-15 16_23_55
Davis slide tackle and a Pickens cover save the day
jdtech.2019-04-15 16_22_59
lagoalsa.2019-04-15 16_28_41
Break the deadlock
lagrassaninja.2019-04-15 15_34_37
Ninja kick
pickenssave.2019-04-15 16_29_48
Matt Pickens’s only significant action of the night
rios shot.2019-04-15 15_16_28
Early Ríos shot
Rioschip.2019-04-13 21_29_36
Can’t find the top corner with the chip
ropapa celeb
Ropapa celebration
ropapa.2019-04-13 22_14_46
Ropapa goal
lagrassatech.2019-04-15 16_46_22.gif
Gravity and defenders are no match for LaGrassa


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