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Community ratings results: Nashville SC 2-0 Loudoun United

FCAC asked, the fans answered. How did the individuals perform in Saturday’s 2-0 Nashville SC win against Loudoun United?


GK Matt Pickens – 8.0

Fans man of the match.

LB Taylor Washington – 7.89

CB Liam Doyle – 7.67

CB Ken Tribbett – 7.17

RB Kosuke Kimura – 7.61

MF Bolu Akinyode – 7.39

MF Matt LaGrassa – 6.56

MF Kharlton Belmar – 7.78

MF Lebo Moloto – 5.94

Community comment: “Poor Lebo. I expect him to bounce back.”

MF/F Cameron Lancaster – 7.89

F Daniel Ríos – 7.83


D Justin Davis (subbed on in 71st minute) – 6.39

F Tucker Hume (subbed on in 81st minute) – 6.28

MF Ramone Howell (subbed on in 90th minute) – 5.83


Head coach Gary Smith – 6.83

Community comments:

  • “They played better than the score line would suggest.”
  • “Seamed like some of the players were caught flat footed alot and running around like headless chickens… Communication for a quick counter… Especially since they have such speed up front and the don’t exploit it on the ground not in the air.”

I, uh… I don’t know on that second one.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I’ll tweak the format slightly for next week, but once again send out the call as soon as the game ends. (And yes, I noticed that a couple people gave extreme ratings to try to skew the results. I’ll throw them out on a case-by-case basis going forward).

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