Nashville SC

What does today mean in the grand scheme of soccer in Nashville?

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 2.20.43 PM.png
It’s like I’m keeping secrets out here.

There are two reasonably safe assumptions to make regarding today’s 4 p.m. announcement by Nashville SC (tickets are still available for the event at Marathon Music Works):

  1. The event is a logo reveal.
  2. The logo that will be revealed is the same one that leaked on last week (a portion of which is above).

However, there are other questions that – even assuming the two implied above will be answered – remain: Is that the only thing that the club plans to reveal at the event? Is it the only logo they will reveal?

There’s no telling exactly what they have up their sleeves, aside from a massive production with live music, MLS commissioner Don Garber, Nashville MLS CEO Ian Ayre, plenty of fans, and some free booze for said fans. With questions remaining to be answered, there’s just no telling how the day’s ripples will be felt through the future of Nashville soccer. It’s worth noting – though perhaps ultimately meaningless – that Garber was not at FC Cincinnati’s brand unveiling in November. Simply the whims of fate as it relates to his schedule? An indication something more is afoot for today?

unnamedRegardless, what we do know (or at the very least expect) is that we’ll have the opportunity to see what fans will be wearing in support of this club for years to come. The existing crest – an adaptation of the original Nashville FC design – hasn’t quite become ubiquitous in the city or region, but it’s absolutely a recognizable talisman of the team. It has come to symbolize an individual’s support for the club, its players, even the sport of soccer in the region. A change to that branding may come with a bit of shock (the reactions to the initial leak would certainly indicate as much).

Knowing what the future holds – even if it’s just one small aspect of what said future looks like – will feel like a significant step forward in the reality of Major League Soccer’s arrival in Nashville. It may not be as important from a practical standpoint as checklist items like the initial MLS announcement, stadium approval in Metro Council, or even the signing of the club’s first two MLS players. In terms of tangible goods that indicate the MLS future – a piece of gear that you can hold, see, wear – it will certainly provide plenty of excitement for the future.


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