It’s the Nashville SC offseason. What now?

This is both a question posed about the content of this blog, as well as one that can just as easily be asked by fans of soccer in the area who want to continue supporting the Beautiful Game. Since I know the answer to the former, we’ll begin there.

What’s coming on FCAC?

There should be plenty. Naturally, there will be season wrap-up coverage, with overall reviews of individual players, the team as a whole, and what the season means for both the future of the club and its fans.

I’ll also have special features of a more human-interest angle. Stories of both players from Nashville SC as well as the larger picture of soccer in the area.

Of course, following the offseason developments for Nashville SC will be important: just because the first USL season is over doesn’t mean the news will stop. There’s plenty to come in terms of personnel for next year’s team, front office (and perhaps technical personnel) for the MLS years to come, and much more. With several USL clubs already announcing major roster changes, I would expect NSC will be doing the same (on a smaller or at least more incremental scale) in the not-too-distant future.

As always, analysis of those moves, and maybe some speculation on what they may be will find its way into this space.

Big-picture items on what the future of USL, MLS, and US Soccer will (and should) look like were the beginning of this site, and during the offseason, they’ll be its future, as well.

Shifting focus back to the US Men’s National Team (and hopefully the WNT as well, though admittedly I haven’t done a great job of that) while they’re playing – games in three weeks! – and NSC is not.

What can I do?

I’ve done a version of this post before (back when I was the only person writing consistently about soccer in the area), and plenty of it still applies. Supporting soccer in the area any way you can is a strong priority.

I would encourage everyone to buy Nashville SC gear (I did yesterday on the social medias, even):

…renew season tickets, read up as much as you can about this team (whether here or at friends of the blog Music City Soccer and Golden Goal) to get to know them better. Of course – both from a selfish perspective on my end and not – continue to read during the offseason.

If you’re not a fan of a European team or league, I would encourage you to watch them over the winter months (they play on opposite seasons from North American teams – this is probably something I should include in the Soccer University information), or at the very least catch the final few weeks of the Major League Soccer and USL seasons. Find a team you like? Join their supporters’ group and catch games at a local bar.

From an even more local perspective, check out college and high school soccer in the area. Those seasons are ongoing as well, and in addition to staying mentally engaged in the game, it’ll help you show support for the sport.

If you’re already two-feet in on soccer, encourage friends (who may not be) to join you. Bring a buddy along to watch parties at those Saturday morning bar dates, let them know the season ticket details on NSC, get them some gear, etc.

The most important two things are intimately related: 1) Play. If you have any interest and/or ability, get out and play some soccer. There are adult rec leagues through various companies, there’s pickup soccer around the area, and again, staying involved is not only a benefit for soccer in the region, it also helps keep adults active and healthy. 2) If others need assistance to play, help them. Whether that’s through monetary assistance (NSC midfielder Lebo Moloto has a charity game in his hometown in South Africa that’s looking for practical or monetary donations, The Roadies have an outstanding program called Soccer for the Nations, etc.).

The Beautiful Game has that title for a number of reasons. Helping each other should always be one of them.

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