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The Wrap: Nashville SC 0-2 Indy Eleven

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Halftime reset. Game story:

Nashville had plenty of the ball early in the game, but just like the last time they took on Indy Eleven, they couldn’t put a legitimate threat on the goal, and the opponent once again turned a quick counter-strike into a goal against the run of play… helping themselves tilt that run of play in their own favor. By the time Indy put in a second goal just 35 minutes into the game, they were able to sit back and absorb pressure.

Game column. Press conference video with Gary Smith, Michael Reed, and Ryan James.

The Graphical helps you understand how the game’s result came about by looking at stats and charts and such:

Count even just the shots that were on-target (green lines), and it looks like the Boys in Gold dominate this one:

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 9.41.46 AM.png

All the pressure in the world doesn’t matter, though, if you can’t solve the goalkeeper. Nashville probably deserved a goal in this one: five shots on target, all but one from extremely dangerous positions.

Don’t forget that you can vote each week in the community player ratings, and the results are published in the Breakdown. Michael Reed was this week’s Man of the Match:

Michael Reed 12.61 (98 minutes) – Community rating: 5.58

A lot of Reed’s contributions tend to go unnoticed because they’re about being sound in positional defense and not turning it over… and they get slightly overshadowed by the fact that he doesn’t always have the prettiest style even when effective. However, he got more involved offensively in this one – even if a couple of his patented rocket shots were blocked far from goal – and had some nice defensive plays. I do think he was one of the players responsible for Indy’s second goal because he didn’t get out to pressure Ayoze, whose feed resulted in an assist, but that was one negative play (compounded by at least three other teammates’ errors) with a lot of positive to like.

A good performance in a game that had precious few of them.

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Elsewhere – Newsy things

USL’s gameday report, highlights, and game insights.

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