Nashville SC world cup

Where to watch the World Cup in Nashville

If a Liverpool crowd is any indication, Franklin Abbey may be fairly lit. Tim Sullivan/For Club and Country

Thanks to the wonders of timezones and a World Cup in Russia, games are on early here in Music City. Want to go to a local establishment to watch with fellow fans? Here are the ones opening early.

Note: All of these are on the Soccer Bars in Nashville list – and I also tried some others that weren’t on the list, but none had special hours. Anything not listed here will likely be showing games, but is open regular hours or could not be reached.

The Centennial special hours
10a for Mexico-Germany this Sunday, otherwise by request
Belcourt Taps special hours 24th for England (11a otherwise)
Tailgate Demonbreun special hours Normal hours opening at 11a – Maybe 10 for certain games with nothing specific planned yet
Pastime special hours Haven’t scheduled, but will be opening early
Fleet Street special hours This Thursday, 10am (Russia-Saudi Arabia), 7am Friday (Egypt-Uruguay), 10am Sunday (Mexico-Germany), 7am June 24 (England)
Franklin Abbey special hours UPDATE: Will be open for the vast majority of games, including the 5am France tilt.
Alley Taps special hours
UPDATE: Open for all games starting 10am or later
ADDED: Bar Sovereign special hours Open for all games, focusing on England
ADDED: Plaza Mariachi special hours Open for all games (also: not technically a “bar,” per se.
ADDED: Bavarian Bierhaus special hours Open 8 a.m. June 30, July 1, July 7, July 14. 9 a.m. July 15

For more details on these bars, check out the Soccer Bars in Nashville post.

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