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The Wrap: Indy Eleven 2-1 Nashville SC

Welcome to The Wrap! This is the final piece on the last game (tying together all content, here there and everywhere) before moving onto the next one. While you’re here, don’t forget to follow the site on Facebook and Twitter.


Local content

I was there.

The halftime reset and game story:

INDIANAPOLIS – At halftime, it certainly seemed like there would be more goals in this game. Indy’s Soony Saad got in behind once, and scored a golazo from a free kick, then Nashville’s Ropapa Mensah pulled one back shortly before halftime (and almost equalized at the death). However, it wasn’t to be, and the halftime score held as the final: Indy Eleven 2, Nashville SC 1.

Game column with some quotes from Gary Smith and his players (and video and a transcript of those quotes and more):

Indy’s Soony Saad struck on the counter attack, sneaking in behind the defense after a failed header to clear, then beating Nashville SC keeper Matt Pickens one-on-one in the 15th minute. Just 20 minutes later, Saad struck again on an outstanding strike from a free kick. While Nashville SC would respond, the hole was too deep.

Don’t forget that until Monday-ish of each week, you can vote in the community player ratings. They make their way into the breakdown and player ratings. In this week’s edition of that post, I picked the goal-scorer (and a relatively consistent threat) Ropapa Mensah to be Man of the Match:

Mensah was obviously your goal-scorer on the nice finish embedded above, and had some other nice chances at goal, including a second right before halftime, and one late in the game. He did seem to run out of gas a bit (I would have preferred to replace him, rather than Moloto, with Hume late in the game), and some of his later efforts definitely had to be frustrating, whether wild shots that were well wide or the lack of motor to try to get onto a long ball. He also has some sketchy moments in hold-up play with giveaways, but those should reduce with experience and conditioning.

I also broke down the first Indianapolis goal, and looked at how it contributed to the halftime sub of Liam Doyle.

It it time to worry about NSC’s standing in the Eastern Conference? (No). USL East Power Rankings will be a regular weekly feature going forward.

Elsewhere – Blogdom

Music City Soccer gamer. Golden Goal game story, and a look at the things the club can learn from the Indy loss. Soccer Speedway‘s player ratingsSoc Takes game story from the Indy side, and a bunch of photos. Saad was named the USL’s player of the week. The fact that his free-kick finish wasn’t goal of the week (losing to… this…) is an indication that maybe having fans vote is a bad system.

Elsewhere – Newsy types

Game story from the USL. USA Today Sports Network Tennessee three takeawaysIndianapolis Star game story from friend-of-the-blog Kevin Johnston. Ropapa Mensah goal = Ghana Soccer Net mentionIndiana Sports Coverage (thrilling name for an outlet) recap, and a plea to not worry about attendance. Plenty about the game in the league’s Eastern Conference Notebook.

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