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Pitch Points says gooooooooooool

A shorter edition of the links roundup as I prepare to write the Indy Eleven preview. Don’t forget to follow the site on Twitter and Facebook, and you can drop me links in either of those two places or via e-mail for inclusion into these posts.

On the pitch. Alan Winn’s “diary” for the PDL website has sort of just devolved into a weekly Q&A with the Nashville standout (that’s not necessarily a bad thing – just makes the title a misnomer). Here is his take on what was happening on his goal Saturday:

“I made a run in behind and Kosuke [Kimura] played it a little short, and the defender slipped. That got Sam Vines, their right back, to hesitate and go inside towards the box, which also dragged the center defender inside. I was looking up to try and cross it in, but there was nobody in the box, so it was a kind of quick instinct reaction to cut it back and took a touch forward. I saw the opening and I thought shooters shoot, so you’ve got to take a shot if you want to score, and that was my mentality.”

Winn’s goal was ultimately good enough to win the fan vote for USL goal of the week.

thrilling exciting fairgrounds talk Tim Sullivan/For Club and Country

#MMLSSTMC. DeCosta Hastings’s self-immolation routine on his reputation takes the next step April 24 (pushed back from this Tuesday) with a meeting in which he’ll have to explain how he had literally no idea that he had previously voted for a bill that specifically picked the Fairgrounds for the MLS Stadium. I understand that this meeting is trying to look like he’s doing right by his constituents, but when it follows the actions he’s taken so far, it’s not a good luck from a professionalism perspective.

When the co-sponsor of the bill is Steve Glover, who not only doesn’t legitimately want the stadium in Metro Center, but doesn’t want it at all, and is using you as a pawn to try to make that not happen. Well, let’s just say Hastings’s stay in politics probably won’t last a whole lot longer than his Twitter account’s “pre-hacked by pornbots” life cycle.

There are other goings-on in the legislature around the state fairgrounds, for what it’s worth.

MLS Expansion. In other MLS news, FC Cincinnati (finally) got school board and City Council support for its preferred West End site. Still, that effort isn’t completely out of the woods. There has been some resistance (including from… Jesse Jackson(?)) as well. However, things with FCC’s MLS bid appear to be back on track.

For some reason, the Detroit Free Press continues to cover it without even the slightest context of “Ford Field makes this bid a non-starter,” but MLS officials gave a cursory glance to the Motor City last week.

Meanwhile, Indy’s relentless pursuit of MLS is… not going great for the Eleven’s owner. I see “owns a team because he cares about the game,” and “burns through all of his money trying to get to MLS at the expense of all else” as contradictory (without even getting into NASL messes), but whatever. There’s more nuance of course – his team isn’t viable financially right now, and needs to be in the first division to survive (a reason why this country is not ready for pro-rel, which is of course an argument for another day).

Etc: Kathy Carter resigns from SUM, looking for the next step in her career after failing to win the USSF presidency. … This is v. good but v. bad. … There are enough
USL teams with special-edition beers to have an entire article about it on the league website (including Goalden Ale). … USMNT v. Italy in November? … My obsessive coverage of the Concacaf Champions League has waned with the arrival of the USL season, but this is still a fire save:

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