Postgame press conference: Alan Winn and Bradley Bourgeois after 2-0 win over Charlotte Independence

Goal-scorer Alan Winn and defender Bradley Bourgeois (who helped his team to a clean sheet) met with the media after Saturday night’s win over the Charlotte Independence. Here’s what they said.

Gonna use this Bourgeois photo at basically every opportunity. Tim Sullivan/For Club and Country

Alan Winn

The confidence gained from his first regular-season goal:

“I’ve always had a high confidence, and I thought was it was good finish, so I just hope to keep going for game-to-game like that.”

Shoe selection for the post-game press conference:

“My shoes, I don’t know exactly where they’re from. I think they’re Gucci; my girlfriend got them for me. They’re on point. Everyone’s talking about my socks (because I haven’t got socks on), but they’re pretty swaggy to me. I don’t know what you guys think.”

On the right side of the offensive attack running the show against Charlotte:

“I just think we had a good thing going in training with our 4-4-2 going in with that right side. It’s not that anything’s wrong with our left side, we just kept practicing right side, right side, and I thin knext week we’ll practice the left side. From there, we’ll be very dynamic on both sides.”

His favored position after moving around all preseason:

“Anywhere I’m in good position to score and assist, really. I do like the wing positions, those are my more natural, but whatever Gary tells me to play, I do it with a pep in my step.”


On being described as relentless by head coach Gary Smith and others:

“I thank them for saying that, I would hope so. As a forward, you always have that mentality of keep going, keep going, and have a short-term memory of when you do miss, you’ve got to keep going. This game never stops, even if we would have lost this game, you have to keep going; you’ve still got to make results; still gotta score goals. I would say that’s a very humbling characteristic they’ve said for me, and I hope I can show for it each wee, game-in and game-out.”

On scoring after missing some chances last weekend:

“You just need to have a short-term memory and keep going. You’re not going to make every one, and I was very blessed to get this opportunity, and to get it in the back of the net. It’s one of those things when you do hit it in the back of the net, it’s a rhythm. You never can settle for what happened in the past, you’ve got to go to the next game. This is a great game that we won, but we have the next game to take care of.”

On the team having a strong bench:

“It just shows competitiveness. Everyone’s starting – this is a team game of course – but you also want to be on the field; you want to start. It’s a good environment where we’re all competitive, but we have this family-oriented mentality at the same time. When someone does mess up, you have their back, or you try to make up for what they did. It’s always something, and there’s no laying back, no laying off the gas pedal.”

Bradley Bourgeois

On barely missing the goal on a headed corner kick:

“I felt like throughout the game, I was getting myself on a couple headers. I felt like I was getting myself into good spots. If I could have it again, of course I would want it back, and would want to hit it to another place. I have to be happy with just being in that position. I have to give myself a chance to score, and I did, and maybe another night it’ll go in.”


“I think it comes down to just jelling: having a consistent back line. Also with the big man in the back. Pickens has been huge. As you can see, he’s come up big time and time again. Like I’ve said, that’s the saves that most keepers might not make, but he’s there and he makes them.

Overall team performance:

“I could say this is our best one so far. We got off on the front foot from the beginning in the first 15 minutes. We really fed off the energy at home, and that’s what we wanted to do: we wanted to create a positive environment, especially at home, and I think overall as a 90, that’s something we can be happy with. It’s just a process, so hopefully it continues to get better.”

Maintaining a long shutout streak:

“Whenever you go into a game, especially on the back line, we’re not really thinking 296, 297, 298 in that, that clock turns in our head of course, but whenever you step on the field, we said at halftime if we get the clean sheet, we win the game, it’s plain and simple. For us to do our job in the back, if we can hold that clean sheet, we give guys like him [Winn] an opportunity to score. So, for us, it builds confidence but all it’s just kind of a thing we like to strive for, we put that in the past and now we’re starting at minute zero. We want to continue just to get that next 90.”

Goalkeeper Matt Pickens:

“It gives you that comfort, but we don’t want to get too comfortable, where we’re going, ‘all right Matt, you’ve got it.’ We don’t even want to give him those chances to [have to] make those saves. It is such a relief to have a guy like that with such experience, and for him to continuously come up big: iot’s huge. It allows you to keep going and keep going, and keep going, and you know if you mess up, he’s got your back.”

On beating the first-place team in the East:

“That’s the challenge we had set forth for the game. We knew they were top of the table and that was one of those things where we need to step up and make a statement, not only for the fans at home but especially throughout the league. We knew they were top of the table and that was the challenge was set in front of us by Gary. He said step up to the table and let’s see if we can knock one out of the park.”

Baseball metaphors.


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