The Wrap: Bethlehem Steel 0-1 Nashville SC

Welcome to The Wrap! In my efforts to figure out how a full postgame package will play out during the regular season, trying out the final piece on the last game before moving onto the next one. While you’re here, don’t forget to follow the site on Facebook and Twitter.

Local content

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The postgame story:

This team still needs to develop its cohesion, particularly in the offensive third – indeed, I would have very few worries defensively, with Matt Pickens saving all four shots on target comfortably enough, and the defense locked-down enough to allow only those four shots on the frame.

Community player ratings voting. Results included in the breakdown and player ratings, with your Man of the Match, Alan Winn:

I tried to be very conservative in my evaluation of Winn’s performance: the hype train for him (and for Ropapa Mensah) has been a little out of control, and I understand a lot of the reasons he hadn’t seen as much time yet. Still, he was my man of the match, and like I’ve said about Taylor Washington in previous weeks, it’s the simple presence of his speed on the pitch just as much as anything he accomplishes with the ball at his feet that makes him so dangerous.

More on Winn, with a film breakdown and some diagrams:

That is all to explain that these aren’t mistakes I’d expect Winn to continue making. With more experience, with more time in the professional setup, and more time getting used to game speed in regular-season USL action, he’ll be ready to make those plays, be ready to keep the head up and look for runners, and be ready to know what can and can’t work technique-wise in one-v-one situations.

Much more at each of the links.


From Nashville: A surprisingly-extant game story from USA Today Network Tennessee. Fox 17 covers the win. Real short story in the Columbia Daily HeraldGolden Goal game story. From the Nashville Post, yet another game story.

From Bethlehem: Quick gamer from the local news. Philly Soccer Page brings the game coverage.

National (and international!) view: USL’s league content and Eastern Conference notebook. Ropapa Mensah gets a shoutout on a “Ghanaians abroad” feature.

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