Nashville SC

Nashville SC supporters group The Roadies to support autism awareness April 7


Saturday notwithstanding, Nashville SC is known for wearing gold uniforms. Supporters refer to the team as the “Boys in Gold.” Supporters wear their own merchandise – typically in gold colors – to support the team.

For the recognized supporters group The Roadies, April 7th’s home game against Charlotte Independence will be a little bit different. They’ll be wearing NSC’s other primary color, blue, to support autism awareness and a local non-profit organization whose mission it is to raise that awareness.

“The Roadies’ mission is to give back to the community, and we will not only be doing this by raising awareness for autism, but donating the profits to individuals and families affected by autism in our community,” said Roadies Brand Director Stephen Robinson. “All proceeds will be going to help a local non-profit, Autism Tennessee.”

By opting out of wearing gold – a bold choice for this particular supporters group, and for NSC supporters in general, The Roadies are hoping to make a visual statement.

“The Roadies have notoriously been known for wearing gold,” Robinson explained. “Our biggest chant is “Come on you boys in Gold.” Since the team is also blue, and that is the color of Autism Awareness, the Roadies found it the perfect opportunity to make a statement by ‘Blue-ing out’ the stadium. The shirt also has the Roadies Rig on it, made up by puzzle pieces. The puzzle piece has been used often in autism awareness representing the complexity of autism and the individuality and the diversity of those affected by it.”

The timing of the event is convenient on the calendar. April 2 – the Monday prior to the game – is World Autism Awareness Day. The Roadies will be able to make sure the conversation about this developmental disorder doesn’t end with just one day. It goes beyond that for Robinson, though.

This is a cause close to him, and not just an opportunity for The Roadies to build some positive buzz about charitable work.

“My wife Lexi has been doing work with children with autism for almost 10 years, and it has always been a cause that has been dear to her heart,” he explained. “She has been pushing this idea for a very long time, and we have met a few Roadies who actually have children on the [autism] spectrum, so this seems like the absolute perfect opportunity to push autism awareness through The Roadies on a much larger scale.”

Fortunately, Nashville SC fans will be able to do their part, as well. You do not have to be a member of the Roadies in order to purchase one of the shirts. They’re available on the Roadies website and will be sold at their pregame event at Pastime April 7. All proceeds go directly to Autism Tennessee.

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