Statement from participants in the Summit for American Soccer

As promised (OK, a little later than expected), the joint statement from the Summit for American Soccer participants:

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.35.52 AM

 Upon the conclusion of the first annual Summit for American Soccer in Chattanooga, Tennessee on March 10, 2018, participants agreed to release the following joint statement.
These are principles that our clubs believe are essential to the success of soccer in America:
We strive to give players the chance to play the world’s game by the world’s rules
Clubs should be primary in our soccer ecosystem
We support the idea of supporter ownership
Our commitment to our communities is permanent
Our clubs are about more than just soccer
We, the undersigned, will continue to work to promote these principles in our teams, in our communities and in our leagues.
AFC Ann Arbor
Asheville City SC
Atlanta Silverbacks
Boca Raton FC
Charlotte FC
Chattanooga FC
Detroit City FC
First Team Soccer (Atlanta)
Fort Worth Vaqueros
Harpos FC
Jacksonville Armada FC
Kingston Stockade
Miami FC
Nebraska Bugeaters
Orange County
St. Louis Club Atletico
Tulsa Athletic
Hosted in Chattanooga, TN, the Summit for American Soccer set the table for a passionate and committed group of peers to come together to discuss the shared challenges and opportunities facing their organizations. Over 60 attendees from across the US came, representing a wide variety of soccer clubs, leagues, supporter groups and soccer-centric organizations. For a day and a half they joined to discuss how to have sustainable business models, stable leagues, quality opponents and enthusiastic support in their communities.
A little less comprehensive than I was expecting, maybe, but given that this is intended to be an ongoing conversation rather than a one-off event, it’s a good start. For more on the conference, read my story Wednesday.

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