Transcript: Lebo Moloto pre-Louisville

Lebo Moloto Nashville SC soccer
Moloto on a much colder day

Nashville SC midfielder Lebo Moloto met with the media this afternoon in advance of a trip to Louisville for the Boys in Gold. Here’s what he had to say:

On Louisville:

“They were the last team that I played against last year: in the final. So I’m pretty much excited to play them again. It should be fun, it should be fun and interesting at the same time. They have two holding mids, so we just have to like – going forward as attackers – navigate that, and I think we’ve got the players to do it.”

His chemistry with other midfielders:

“We try to – Coach Gary tried to put us in the same, if you look at the games that we’ve played, we’ve tried to keep the team the same as possible as much as possible. I feel like we’ve created the chemistry. Which I mean, going into the season, that’s what you need: chemistry. Especially in the professional setup, it makes a whole lot of difference.”

His relationship with Michael Reed:

“I’ve got a connection with the two holding midfielders behind me and the two strikers going forward, because I’m basically playing in between them. So we talk a lot off the field about the game, about how we can be sure to get the best out of each other. I think going forward, with Michael Reed, he’s a professional, he’s been in the game for a long time, so we give each other advice. I’m looking forward to this season to play with him.”

“Basically just going back to that chemistry. We both play a different style, so it’s just a matter of talking to him about ‘if they space, we have to move the ball quick in the middle, because it’s less crowded.’ Most games are won in the midfield, so if we can be stronger than the other team, it would be great.”

Moloto’s Orlando goal:

Lebo Moloto Nashville SC Orlando City SC golazo gif

“I remember I made a run down the line. I think Justin tried to play it, and it got intercepted. They played it back and then our striker Michael Cox did a good job pressing, and he poked it with a toe. I just saw the goal and I just whipped it, and it went to the far post. I looked around and everybody was just standing there. I was like ‘come on, I just scored and it was it a good goal.’ Everybody just seemed so relaxed like, ‘Oh, it’s OK, that’s just something that he does every day.’ It was a good goal.”

“Orlando is not like Chicago with all of the wind. There was no wind, I just bent it in and went far post. It was good. I was a good win for the team.”

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