Missed everything since Atlanta? Here’s your catch-up

The casual fan – in all honesty, not checking out this site (so feel free to share!) – probably doesn’t know much about Nashville SC other than the friendly against Atlanta. What have they missed?

Martim Galvão celebrates a goal against Lipscomb. Tim Sullivan/For Club and Country.

NSC played six games between Feb. 10 and this weekend’s regular-season opener, and here’s how they went:

Nashville SC 0-0 Chicago Fire game story – in-depth breakdown.

Nashville SC 1-1 Ottawa Fury game story.

Nashville SC 3-1 Orlando City SC game highlights.

Nashville SC 2-0 Lipscomb University game story – postgame interviewshighlights and photos.

Nashville SC 2-2 FC Cincinnati story – postgame interviews.

Nashville SC 3-1 Chattanooga FC story – in-depth breakdown.

So: after the entire preseason – three games against MLS competition (1-1-1), two against USL competition (0-0-2) and two against lower-level competition (1-0-0) – NSC earned 12 total points in seven games. Given the distribution of opposition, the only downer is that they managed just two draws against fellow USL sides.

Who performed well in the preseason? Here’s the (unofficial) stat count from the seven friendlies. One thing to keep in mind? Since we didn’t see the Orlando City game, we know only the goal-scorer for two of the three goals, not any potential assist (Michael Cox did assist the third, a crazy bender from Lebo Moloto) so there’s a possibility of a couple more assists that have gone uncredited. I’ve also marked penalty kicks won, because they’re unofficially assists in my book.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.11.29 PM

You don’t necessarily need to take that for gospel in terms of how the lineup will shake out – after all, at least a few of the markers here came against backups of opponents (or against the lower-quality opponents), and these games weren’t always competitive.


What do we have to look forward to the rest of the year? Nashville SC is widely projected to be a playoff team in the USL East, and begins against the reigning champ in Louisville this weekend.

If you’re a newcomer to the game – or to NSC – check out some of the resources I put together to get accustomed to the game, the area, and the team:

If you have friends who aren’t familiar with the team – maybe even ignorant of the Atlanta United game, but almost certainly of what’s happened since – feel free to share and encourage them to follow For Club and Country on Twitter to stay informed about the team.

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