Nashville SC

Nashville SC draws FC Cincinnati 2-2

There was no live stream, but that hasn’t meant no evidence at all of yesterday’s 2-2 draw against FC Cincinnati. NSC published video of both goals from the Boys in Gold:

Our good friends at Cincinnati Soccer Talk also have plenty to report from the action. The kicker for NSC fans:

Nashville Is Better Than Expected – This thought was echoed by several people around the stands. Nashville has assembled a good squad in a short amount of time. The match today should have been a victory for FCC, but the next battle could be tough. Nashville did not play their more dynamic forwards until late. Expect the next battle between these two squads to also be a physical one.

I don’t know what the expectations were for the Boys in Gold around Cincinnati, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that within Nashville, expectations have been really high since the friendly against Atlanta (though the Five Stripes’… unfortunate thing… yesterday may affect those feelings in hindsight).

Starting lineups

(Thanks again to Cincinnati Soccer Talk for most of the following information):

Cincinnati: Richey, Hoyte, Keinan, Lasso, Seymore, Ryan, Smith, Bone, Laing, Ledesma, Welshman

Nashville: Pickens, Kimura, Woodberry, Doyle, Davis, James, Reed, LaGrassa, Moloto, Hume, Cox

Match events

  • 20′ NSC Goal Matt LaGrassa (left foot). Assist Lebo Moloto.
  • 45′ FCC Goal Laing
  • 64′ NSC sub Robin Shroot for Tucker Hume
  • 65′ FCC Goal Welshman
  • 70′ FCC subs: Barrett, Bahner, Cicerone, Josu, De Wit, Haber, Halfhill, McLaughlin, Seymore, Ameobi for Hoyte, Keinan, Lasso, Seymore, Ryan, Smith, Bone, Laing, Ledesma, Welshman
  • 78′ NSC subs: Ropapa Mensah for Michael Cox, Alan Winn for Lebo Moloto.
  • 87′ NSC Goal: Alan Winn (PK, right foot).

Up Next

Nashville heads to Chattanooga for the final friendly match of preseason Saturday.


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