Nashville SC

NSC to announce Martim Galvao signing tomorrow?

Portuguese midfielder Martim Galvao was one of last year’s Nashville SC fan favorites – and producers, with seven goals and four assists – for the U-23 squad playing in the PDL. Will we see him with the USL side this Summer? Based on a tease from the official communications machine, that’s a yes.

That’s three pretty well-known Portuguese players. Unless you think NSC is shelling out several million dollars for Ronaldo, Nani, or Pepe, there must be more to this. Internet, ENCHANCE:

Cristiano Ronaldo Portuguese Portugal Martim Galvao soccer
The ghost in the machine. Or photo.

Who is this ghost of Cristiano Ronaldo’s left hip? Well, it’s clearly a player in a gold jersey with Nissan emblazoned across the front. Why, that must be a Nashville SC jersey!

Given that the new gold jerseys have remained completely under wraps to date (and not used in a game, which appears to be the situation in the photo), it must be a photo from last year. In fact, it’s the photo used to create the graphic art for season ticket sales literature.

Why am I bothering to draw this out, NSC is doing enough of that. It’s a picture of the one and only Martim Galvao.


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