The Centennial Game Notes: May 15, 2018


Centennial v. Your Face
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 • 9:30 p.m. • West Park Field 3

No. 10 The Centennial takes on No. 14 Nashville Hotspur in a regular-season matchup. The Centennial stands 2-3 in the league, with a -4 goal differential (but like, way better when Kevin is there), while Hotspur “boasts” a 1-4 record and a -13 scoring differential.

League standings

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.59.01 AM


This week’s league action:

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 12.00.14 PM

There’s plenty of intrigue for The Centennial in terms of how it emerges from the table at the conclusion of Tuesday’s action. The team immediately ahead in the standings, Back in Black, takes on a high-scoring Ginyu Force outfit, which could provide an opportunity to move past that squad with a win (or even a close loss).

Squadra di Amici – the next opponent for The Centennial – will take on The Wickles, potentially in a matchup that sets up a battle of 3-3 teams next week. There’s still plenty of time for the league table to evolve, but as things stand, The Centennial is likely in a second tier of three brackets. The results over the next two weeks will determine whether the side is highly-seeded, or forced to endure a gauntlet en route to a trophy.

The Centennial Spring 2018 Schedule
Date Opponent Result
 4/3/18 Back in Black  L, 3-2
 4/10/18 Stranger Danger  W, 1-0
 4/17/18 Trauma FC  L, 5-0
 5/1/18 Lot Lizards  W, 3-1
 5/8/18 Your Face  L, 2-1
 5/15/18 Nashville Hotspur  9:30 p.m., Field 3
 5/22/18 Squadra di Amici  9:30 p.m., Field 3
 5/29/18 Playoffs Rd. 1


Opponent Watch

Nashville Hotspur is a regular in Tuesday Co-Rec soccer, but The Centennial has yet to face the side (or its previous incarnation, Fit Factory FC) in a regular-season match.

The team is at a low point, with previous seasons seeing a mid- or high-table finish, but the current side languishing near the relegation zone (NOTE: there is not actually a relegation zone). The offense has been solid – at nine goals scored, it’s the best output of any team outside the top six – but the defense has struggled, with 22 goals already conceded in just five matches.

It’s worth noting that the majority of those goals were given up in games to top five teams: five to league-leading Ballz so Hard, four against fourth-place Caribou, and nine to fifth-place THE GINYU FORCE (which like, I gave them credit for being high-scoring a second ago, but 40% of their goals came against Hotspur, so whatever).

They’ve also played Squadra di Amici (2-0 loss) and Kickin’ Ain’t Easy (4-2 win). The Centennial is yet to play a common opponent.

Off-field update

The FAILING Aaron Hudson is afraid to share his FAKE NEWS website with us to put in this section.

Captain Tim Sullivan will welcome his parents to Nashville this evening, providing a cheering section for the team. Alternatively, they’ll go the hell to bed before 9:30. 50/50 shot, folks.

Tom used his dog’s penis as the needle on a stress gauge in his Instagram story.

Last time out

A short-handed Centennial side fielded just one male and one female sub. Despite opening the scoring on a headed effort from Aaron Hudson (set play assist to Katherine Peters), the team couldn’t hold the lead.

Backup keeper Tim Sullivan is not particularly good at the position, allowing a first-half goal that ricocheted off his hands before dribbling into the net, and having literally no idea where he was in relation to the goal (coaching sources indicate this is an important part of soccer), and allowing a far-post blast early in the second half.

Despite some pressure on the opponent, the team couldn’t find the equalizer against a Your Face team that should have been vulnerable to defeat.

Kevin still hasn’t signed his waiver

Kevin, sign your fucking waiver.

Weather Report


It should be considerably cooler by gametime (the Google Weathers only let me work in three hour increments), as it’s supposed to get down to 73º by 11:00 p.m. Maybe I should have used that time since our game will end at 10:30 and it’s way closer? IDK, I’m not a very smart guy.

Starting VI and Tactics


The team returns several key contributors who were absent last week. Kevin Ford (hangin’ with high school boys), Grace Forrest (illness), and Scott Walls (??? maybe mustache grooming incident?) should bolster a defense that direly needs an actual goalkeeper and could certainly make use of a fullback. Offensively, Jordan Miller (sciatic nerve inflammation) returns to the squad after more than a season on the shelf. Miller’s goal-scoring should help take the team’s attack to a new level. Tim Ryan (personal leave – palm tree emoji) can provide additional support on both ends of the pitch.


With a robust bench given the return of several team members from the disabled list – and a hot, humid matchtime weather forecast – plenty of rotation should be expected.

The starting lineup consists of Aaron Hudson at one defensive spot and Grace Forrest at the other. Tim Ryan mans the central midfield spot, while Tom Beaupre and Katherine Peters play in more advanced offensive roles. Early in the contest, playing out of the back through Ryan and working the ball upfield to the wings will be the strategy.

Depending on game situation, a cross-heavy (or corner kick-earning) strategy can be employed in a shift, especially when reserve defenders enter the field and allow Hudson – whose headed goal was the highlight of last week’s disappointment – and others to play the ball aerially.

The return of Miller and the move of Sullivan from the net to the field should allow a burst of speed after an initial salvo to wear out the opposition.


Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.05.55 PM


Steak Fajita. The usual specials on Tecate and tequila (“I plan on earning a couple tequila shots tonight” – Tom Beaupre).